up to 65 mg liquid a day. I stopped going because I really couldn't afford it. My Dr. said he would take over the script and he wrote me 2 scripts and when it came time for the 3rd script, he didn't refill. I had 30 ml left in the bottle. the script on the bottle is this: 10MG/ML ORAL #100 . I have been on Methadone for 7 months. So he decides to bring me down, which is what I want to do, however from reading all the message boards and other things even on her, I am afraid he is bringing me down too fast. He even said he didn't know the half life of meth. This is the schedule he is given me to go down: 2cc b/p x 2 days, ( not sure if this is a bp or a bd) 1.5 cc b/p x 2 days, 1 cc b/p x 2 day, 0.5 cc b/p x 2 days, 0.5 cc b/p daily, x 2 days, 0.25 cc daily x 2 days, ..is this too fast? He has prescribed oxycodone and ultram to take after I get off the methadone (Ultram) The oxy is to take along with the meth so I won't have withdrawals..I am so afraid. Is this possible for me to? Will I go into withdrawal? Today is the 3rd day following his schedule to the T except today I didn't take any methadone. Just took 2 oxycodone in place of. Please someone tell me if he is right or will I go into withdrawl. I don't want to be sick.