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Why would someone take Phenobarbital as a detox for Clonazepams?

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MacIntosh12 30 Jun 2013

I'm not positive, but since no one has answered you I'll say this; I do believe it prevents seizures during Benzodiazapine withdrawal.
Best wishes to you,

MacIntosh12 30 Jun 2013

I am now positive, it is used to control seizures brought about by Benzodiazapine withdrawal, I looked it up (above, blue bar) in our Drugs A to Z. You can also look it up if you need more information, just click on the P and scroll all the way down to the search engine and it will bring it straight up for you after you do your search for Phenobarbital.
Good luck.

tombstone2013 30 Jun 2013

My friend does not have any seizures in her med. history. I guess I do not understand why they would use a stronger med to detox someone. I am just really concerned about her treatment. Thanks for your help Laura.

MacIntosh12 1 Jul 2013

Your friend is in good hands with her detox doctors, your friend NEEDS the pheno for a reason, so she doesn't have seizures, it will prevent them from happening. As Karen said, seizures are very real with benzodiazepine withdrawal! She'll be taken off the pheno as soon as the risk of seizure is gone, I'm certain.
Not to worry!!

ARTIST658 30 Jun 2013

Lara is right - it's given to prevent the very real risk of seizures that can be a part of benzodiazepene withdrawals. It is a sedative, as well, and relieves some of the resulting anxiety. It is commonly used by detox and treatment centers. However, it is an addictive substance - and is not recommended for people to take randomly, on their own. It requires doctor supervision and only short-term use, else the addiction/dependency to one substance can switch to the phenobarbital. free discount card

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