... control I'm on and was wonder if someone could assist me. I'm taking Microgestin 1/20 and have been for over a year now and wasn't sexually active ever until recently. Here is my list of questions that I was really hoping someone could help give me answers to! They are the following:
1) does skipping periods (taking packs back to back with no break) with birth control make them heavier when you take your break?
2) can you shorten your 7 day break?
3) what's considered a late/missed pill?
4) what's perfect/typical use when taking the pill?
5) what's the effectiveness of the pill and condoms?
6) if pregnancy was to occur on the pill, how would you know?
7) how long until you get your withdrawal bleed/period on your break?
8) does any type of blood during your break count as a period?
9) does taking the pill an hour later than usual decrease the effectiveness since mine is a low dose?
10) can you make your breaks shorter? Like start your pill on the first day of your bleed? If you do so, are you protected from pregnancy right away??
11) do shorter breaks mean lighter withdrawal periods too?