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SOMEONE please HELP? How long does it take to go through withdraws from taking Zoloft n other antid?

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janiebme 23 Nov 2013

Hi Fayfaith-
I hope that you are doing this under the advise of a doctor. The doc usually will have you taper down slowly. Most antidepressant if stopped suddenly will produce unpleasant withdrawals. Some will produce withdrawal symptoms even when tapered down, this may last for a couple of weeks to months. It depends on the individual and the med (s) they are taking.
There are caring people on this site that can give you more insight and support.
If you can, remember that it will not last forever. My wish is that you feel better soon.

fayfaith 23 Nov 2013

Thank you! I actually had written more but had it in the wrong box when submitting the question.Tried to copy but it wouldn't copy the whole question /comment. Will try to share what I wrote after I charge my phone. :( free discount card

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