Very bad reaction to the medicine disoriented, suicidal thoughts, not knowing who his wife is to not trusting me the wife. He was on it for 17 days and has stopped taking it since the trip to the hospital one week ago and they prescribed Lorazepam because he was taking Clonazepam which his main Dr. is weaning him off of and replaced it with this Gabapentin, hydroxyzine, and olanzapine. He has not been right ever since. When we called the Dr. prier to the hospital trip and described the effects she said take more, we called again the next day and was told to take more Gabapentin. Originally he was prescribed 300ml. 3 times a day the second week 2-300ml 3 times a day and that's when the problems started. Any suggestions or is there anything that can counteract this drug? Please? I don't trust this Dr.