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If someone had hepatitis a before, is it possible that they could be misdiagnosed with hep c later?

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Stephen Treloar 11 Jan 2017

As far as I know, no. I know people who have got both Hepatitis A and B while traveling in Asia and while neither is infected they both show blood antibodies for those strains. Hepatitis C is a totally different virus and requires blood to blood transmission unlike the first two which are far easier to catch. If they tested positive for HCV then it was not contracted via contaminated food or dirty water.

Stephen Treloar 12 Jan 2017

I meant "neither are infectious" not infected. Hepatitis A is savagely aggressive; B less so but leads to some people being carriers and Hepatitis C (HCV) is a long term chronic illness that gets cleared by the human body in 15% of those infected. There is no vaccination for HCV and a person can harbor multiple strains simultaneously. Once 'cured' of HCV you still have no natural immunity and you can become re-infected. free discount card

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