Can someone please help me? I am freaking out. So the month of november, i missed a bc pill in the beginning, but decided to take the pill a couple days later with my normal pill that day. The gyno said it was ok. However, i was not consistent with my pills whatsoever my after that first week i never fully missed one. During the week of the sugar pills, on the last day, i had sex and the condom broke. The next morning, 12 hours after, i took plan b because i had not been consistent with my pills. After 4 long weeks of waiting, i got a period that seemed like my normal period. However, the week after my period, my breasts still hurt and i was urinating a little more than normal but that has subsided for the most part now. I have also taken two negative pregnancy tests. I am still worried that i may be pregnant. Can someone help me and tell me if i should still be worried even though i received my normal period at the normal time?