Have been taking 1mg ativan at night for sleep for 3 years. Started getting interdose withdrawal... i think. Started getting anxiety and panic attacks which i never had before, as well as agoraphobia.
THEN, according to the doctor, i started getting paradoxyl effects, where everytime i took it, it speeded me out and gave me a panic attack for an hour. So, the doc pulled the ativan at night and put me on remeron, and then he said to avoid withdrawal he put me on 1/4 attivan in am, 1/4 around lunch, and 1/4 at dinner, but wanted me to wean off the one at dinner asap. I did his schedule for 1 week and could barely get out of bed. Felt so sickly. Last night i took an 1/8 instead of 1/4 at dinner and felt horrible, panicky, etc. Over an 1/8? Does that sound right?
i have to make it through this so i can join my family and feel i can care for my child again. Thank goodness for my loving husband. Hes caring the whole load now while im rotting in bed. Can someone give me some idea if this is going right? How long does this horrible withdrawal feeling last?? Thank you!