At The C-5 -6 level there is a diffuse posterior annular bulge /posterior lateral osteophytes complex resulting in marked compression of the adjoining ventral thecal sac, decrease in the size of the central spinal canal which measures o.9cm in its AP dimension and moderate to marked bilateral neural foraminal stenosis. Hypertrophy of corresponding facet joints contribute to the degree of bilateral neural foraminal stenosis. Mild compression of the cervical cord is seen at the C5-6 level as a result of the Aforementiones findings. At the C6-7 level mild diffuse posterior annular bulge /posterior lateral osteophyte complex is seen resulting in moderate compression of the ventral thecal sac and mild bilateral neural foraminal compromise. Hypertrophy of the corresponding facet joints contributes to the degree of bilateral foraminal stenosis. At the C7-T1-2 level the central spinal canal size is normal and the neural foramina are patent bilaterally. At the T2-3 level a central posterior disc herniation ( a protrusion type) is suggested, resulting in mild compression of the thecal sac. I think he meant to put 0.9mm not cm from what I had researched but not sure what MARKED means? There was more but that is the important part I thought. What is the normal size for that area for women? I feel like my head is going to explode most of the time. A lot of pressure. Please help. Thank you