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Can someone please explain to me the difference between oxycontin and oxycodone?

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MeggieGirl 11 Jan 2017

Sure, Oxycodone contains something like Tylenol while OxyContin doesn't (pure opiate & fillers only), and Oxycodone has a peak plasma rating of maybe 2-4 hours, while OxyContin is meant to be a 12-24 hour medication. I hope this helps!

DancnDar 11 Jan 2017

They are both the same medicine except that OxyContin in the extended release form (lasts 12 hours) of Oxycodone. If you get just oxycodone then it's immediate release.
When oxycodone and Tylenol are together is called Percocets.

Windchimes123 11 Jan 2017

Hi Twanab,

Sorry Megs. I have to agree with Daancin on this.
OxyContin is the long acting drug 8-12 hours. It's formulated with a matrix system (active med inter layered with active med and inactive in a hard shell. The purpose is to be absorbed throughout the whole GI tract. The other reason is so they can't be abused by crushing and snorting.
Oxycontin can go from 8-12 hours so 2-3 tabs for 24 hour period.

Oxycodone is the *****SA version of above. It dissolves rather quickly with glass of water. It lasts 4 - 6 hours so you would need 4-6 tabs per day. Now technically you are presumed to be sleeping 8 of those hours. Also you are only to use these for breakthrough pain not controlled by OxyContin. You will probably get 3-4 pills/ day.
Do NOT take these meds lightly if you have never taken them before! They can cause respiratory depression which can lead to death if instructions are not followed perfectly.

bobsy 12 Jan 2017

Windchimes123 some of your information is incorrect. Vicodin is a brand name for hydrocodone/ APAP (APAP is shorthand for acetaminophen or Tylenol) in the category of generic hydrocodone. Oxycodone is the generic name and Percocet is the brand name for oxycodone/APAP, which is generic for Oxycodone.

Both Hydrocodone and Oxycodone are Schedule II controlled drugs. The DEA (federal govt) has designated 5 classes of controlled, Scheduled drugs. These are... Schedule I (drugs that have no medical benefit, so these drugs are designated as Schedule I and Schedule I drugs are illegal for any doctor to prescribe under federal govt. standards), Schedule II (Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Adderall, Ritalin are Schedule II, Schedule II drugs are the strongest Scheduled drugs that a doctor can prescribe. Schedule II drugs have to be hand-written prescriptions and can not have refills), Schedule III (Tylenol with codeine is a Schedule III. free discount card

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