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Can. someone be a carrier of scabies?

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MedicationCounseling 15 May 2014

Yes, someone can physically be a carrier of the mites that cause scabies. They infest the skin and cause itching and swelling?

kaismama 15 May 2014

Someone can have a few mites on them and don't have symptoms yet, so they would carry them. I don't think its possible that someone can carry it long term, like say typhoid mary carried typhoid. The mites have to eat after all.

hollylaine 15 May 2014

Yes they can be, I got it once when I was 16 from my friend at the time cause she had it. It usually comes from cat littler boxes or being dirty. They are little bugs that burrow into your skin and itch like crazy. You itch everywhere but especially your hips, legs, and arms. The only way to get rid of them is to go see your dr. But yes a person can carry them. Make sure you wash all your bedding in hot water and anything else that came in contact with that person.

kaismama 15 May 2014

You don't need a cat and you certainly don't need to be dirty. Scabies is a mite that passes from one person to another, often found in group living situations

hollylaine 15 May 2014

They can be in a litter box of a cat very rare but it does happen but I never got it till I hungout with my friend back in the day and she was a dirty person. Even has an STD (not me) but I got it from her.

kaismama 16 May 2014

What I'm saying is dirt isn't a qualification. You may have offended allot of people by saying you got it if your dirty. free discount card

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