Hello my dc family
I don't generally get on here to ask ? etc... my psych just started me on brintellix for mdd... he is trying me on this for I am beyond sensitive to ssri's/snri's and get akethesia from both... I always no by 3rd day if it's going I am going to have the akethesia for I no the symptoms all to well..the good news is I have been on it 4 four days..no akethesia or any other bad side effects... but do no this med is very new..and was wondering if anyone else has taken this medication/ what your opinions r on this med..I no we r all different, and will go by my own feeling/symptoms if any I should get... just would like to no if anyone is on it and how well they react etc to it..any input by all is greatly appreciated..once again I will not stop just because someone said it doesn't work for them etc..just like to hear feedback... thank in advance/GOD BLESS YOU ALL... angel1662