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Someone asked my son have you tried "E" found this on my sons texts - what is it?

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Inactive 10 Aug 2010

Could be ecstasy? If so, have a talk with your child. This crap is deadly!
Best wishes to you,

Jandelles 10 Aug 2010

Ecstasy is not 'deadly'.

"Statistics culled from the United States and the United Kingdom report only 7 ecstasy-related deaths per million users of the drug. This is an interesting figure whtn compared to the 625 alcohol-related deaths per million drinkers that occur each year."

More info:

This doesn't mean that kids should be doing ecstasy. It just means you (and others who have answered here) need to double check their information and not use scare tactics to get kids off drugs.

christineATU 11 Aug 2010

If someone had to scare my son to keep him from trying drugs, sweetlemon, please scare the shit out of him.

def sounds like ecstacy to me! i hope not. i've never tried the drug, but i here it can drain ur spinal fluid and basically cause paralysis

if someone asked your son if he has tried E... then it is def possible that he has tried other drugs. i started smoking pot when i was 13. i quit when i was 16 as i was forced by my parents to get a job. the money went to buying liquor EVERY weekend. i became addicted to cocaine when i was 18 or 19. i got myself clean, Thank God! i smoked crack a few times. i hope he doesnt take that road... everyone knows where it leads! thankfully im clean. i have been for a loooong time. my kids saved my life! i wish u guys the best!

mathewdavid 13 Feb 2012

Ecstacy's main chemical is MDMA and makes your serotonin gland in the brain which regulates moods like happiness over work. MDMA will not kill but the drug is cut with other drugs like cocaine and heroin and other dangerous substances which can cause an overdose. When people become depressed it is because the serotonin gland is regulating improperly.

christineATU 10 Aug 2010

I have to agree with the first 2 answers. Sounds like Ecstasy to me. If so, young people have died from "rollin'" as their internal temperature rose above 105 degrees and put them in a coma, resulting in death. Please have a heart to heart with your son.

My very best wishes,

Jandelles 10 Aug 2010

If you are referring to this case:

The cause of the coma (and subsequent death) was water intoxication. This was an isolated incident. As mentioned above, death by ecstasy is rare - reported to be 7 in a million.

This is not meant as an endorsement of ecstasy. There are many reasons ecstasy should be avoided and this information can be presented without resorting to scare tactics.

christineATU 10 Aug 2010

Thank you for the information Jandelles. I will keep the links you provided in my notes for future reference. If someone resorted to scare tactics with me in order to prevent my child from using X (IF it was really mdma) then I sure would want to know. Although this was not the case I was referring to, I appreciate the information.

arcanoidcyst16 10 Aug 2010

It sounds like ecstacy to me.I know because back when I was in college people reffered to this as ecstasy.It was other wise known as the "Slang" word.I never did it personally but I do know people that did do it and I was never friends with them again after that because I thought they were out of there minds.So I got up and left.I was FREAKED seeing someone on E like that and all TRIPPED OUT.That's my thought's on this.If there are any other markings or pictures in his phone let me know because E comes in many different forms and doesn't always look the same.

midwestma 10 Aug 2010

I also found this text on my 16yr old grand-daughter test messages, when I very calmly asked to her explain this to me, she admitted that it is a drug called ecstasy, and they call it X or EX or what ever whey they can find to hide the true meaning of the drug. It is highly dangerous, she has assured me she had not nor will she ever try it. Not for any other reason than she is terrified of dying from this, she has already had one 14 yr old friend who just died a month ago after trying this drug "ONE TIME". she is still seeing a grief counselor about this. Please do not take this lightly. Please see if you can talk with this child and see you can get some help for him/her and counseling. Anything you can do to get between drugs and kids, do all you can, you will never regret it. Take it from someone who's been there, dealt with this sort of problem, and I never, ever gave up...

christineATU 11 Aug 2010

Stay strong midwestma. You are a great support source for many people.

midwestma 14 Aug 2010

My "humble" thanks to you for the compliment. :)

Inactive 10 Aug 2010


Who asked your son?
How old is your son?
does he have a drug history abuse?

Well from my experience
Ecstacy-MDMA (3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, commonly known as ecstasy, often abbreviated "E" or "X") is an entactogenic drug of the phenethylamine and amphetamine families.

I was an addict for 20 years , I am 41 and have been clean for 9 years.- I took them for quite some time they are very dangerous they can dehydrate you to the point that you can die.-

As sweetymelon says confront him... but I am almost certain is ecstacy.-

Take care

"cat daddy" 11 Aug 2010

E is most likely extacy. This drug is very much like LSD. The bad thing about "X" is that the potency is never the same in any 2 pills since it is always manufactured illegaly. It can cause strokes and heart attacks, though this is unlikely in young healthy adults, there is always the chance that the first time might be magic one ... and you're out. In Holland where the law is a lot more liberal clubs can test your "X" for you and tell you how strong it is or isn't. Unfortunately here in the states these tests are only available over the net and nobody wants to wait that long to take their pill. Talk with your son and explain all the danger to him, look them up on the net yourself so that you know what you're talking about before you confront him, (kids can tell from B/S).

christineATU 11 Aug 2010

Great answer.

Inactive 11 Aug 2010

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