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Can someone tell me what p five is? Also, what are 30s and blue ones? Seen these in text messages?

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Inactive 26 Jul 2012

Hello brokenheartx100. I would guess a CNS drug of some kind. Best of wishes, pledge

Inactive 26 Jul 2012

Well now, I was just switched from 15mg of oxycodone which is green to 30mg which is a small blue pill. Xanax is also a blue pill & popular with kids if this is your question. 30mg of oxycodone for children or teens can be very dangerous if not used to the dose. Hope I am reading your quession correctly... Mary

DzooBaby 26 Jul 2012

30's and blues are most likely oxycodone tabs, very strong oxycodone tabs! Not sure on the p5. Blues can also sometimes refer to 10mg diazepam or valium tabs too. Different generations have different nick names for drugs and it can also depend on what their drug of choice is, meaning like blues can refer to oxycodone or valium depending on their drug of choice. I would venture to guess p5 is likely a marking on a certain pill. If I saw text messages like this on my kids phones I'd be doing some talking with my kids!!

Psyched 26 Jul 2012

I'm not sure what context the text messages you saw were in, but they may not have anything to do with drugs at all. P5 is a new type of headphone which is supposed to get you closer to the music and 30s could refer to speakers. The best thing you could do is ask the person whose texts you were reading what they were about. Hope this helps.

DzooBaby 26 Jul 2012

Ah, and here the rest of us jumped to conclusion it was drug related. I hope it is truly what psyched says. If this is your kids texts, talk to them!

Psyched 27 Jul 2012

Dealwith teens everyday at work DZooBaby... learned a loooong time ago that what WE think they're talking about isn't always what THEY are talking about! LOL... but yes, asking is MUCH easier! Thanks

Havokxx999 12 Sep 2016

I know this post is old but anyway- A P-5 is an oxycodone 5mg. (percocet 5mg) and 30s and blues are referring to Oxycodone 30 mgs. They are little blue pills. free discount card

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