I've read some of the horror stories of Accutane, and I have to say there pretty freighting. But reading through the reviews on this website, I see no one has experienced side effects to that degree.

I've taken natural supplements for skin health, Vitamin A, oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, Differin, Murad treatments, and salicylic acid wipes. I've also gone on a strict diet for several weeks (which did help some) and I'm currently doing a three day apple fast - which involves lots of water consumption - and an enema administered 3 times every night for the three day fast. (Hope it works)

My uncle, cousin, mom, and dad all had acne (all on varying levels - some sever) and I've had moderate acne since 5th grade (I'm 16 now). I've suggested I take Accutane to my parents, but they (along with my chiropractor and pediatrician did not recommend it - because of all the horror stories and law suits).

I'm very healthy (thin, good cardiovascular systems, lift weights, eat very healthy). Would that give me an edge over the side effects?

Also, what is the risk of PERMANENT side effects, and what are they?

Do you have any suggestions for me on how to convince my parents to let me take Accutane? :) You know - reassurance about safety and stuff.

Thanks for your time!