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Some light red and brown spotting and discharge?

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Inactive 25 Apr 2010

I think you are asking if some light red and brown spotting and discharge are normal for pregnancy. It can happen and everything be absolutely fine. If you experience moderate pain or moderate cramping, you might need to call the doctor today. Even that can be normal under some circumstances. Please take it easy and rest and call your doc or midwife tomorrow. If this is really early in the pregnancy, the cord may be trying to tunnel deeper into the uterine wall to get more nutrients, hence the small amount of bleeding. If you are not pregnant and just started some type of hormone or birth control shot, some light bleeding is also pretty normal. Call the doctor tomorrow. Do take it easy either way.

24yr old mom of 3 26 Apr 2010

if you are 20 weeks go to your local birthing center. if your under 20 weeks pregnant to go your emergancy room. its always better to be safe then sorry. i lost one of my pregnancys at 10 weeks preg bcuz it was like i was on my period real lightly. sometimes i would bleed and sometimes not. i have 3 kids now and all i have to say is i want you to be safe and make sure asap that everythings ok. i dont think you need to woory about it and thats y u should go to the local hospital or birthing center and have them check u out. tell them whats been going on and i guarantee you will get help. all my pregnancys were high risk. my first baby marissa was 7 weeks early,my son jacob i was contracting at 28weeks and had him at 36 1/2 weeks, and my last successful pregnancy was with michael i contracted from 20 weeks till 37 weeks and was on strickt bed rest for 16 weeks
. w/ my last 2 pregnancys i was also on anti contraction meds. the meds w/ my last preg helped me better then w/ my 2nd pregnancy. im way to familiar w/ birthing centers and the stress of worrying if sometings wrong so please as soon as you get this message log off your computer and go get checked at the hospital or local birthing center. they will be faster then going to your doctor bcuz the hospital and birthing center wont make you wait they will immediatly take you in. i hope i gave u some type of help. let me know how your doing. free discount card

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