At last, I have taken all the advice from everyone here and spoke with my doctor , Finally got the nerve up! Thanks to all the courage you've helped to give me I worked up the guts to ask for the increase in my medications.
She did it without falter, and said that all I ever need to do is ask, if I'm having problems with the meds not holding.

Albeit, she is an intimidating woman, I just never got up the nerve to ask, fearing she would think of me badly or "drug seeking", So she increased my Kadian and my percocet, and switched me to some valium that is a bit stronger for my anxiety. I have to say I have noticed a huge increase in my pain threshhold now. It lasts longer, and don't feel so worn out by 3pm in the afternoon now.

Hugs to all for listening and giving such wonderful advice.
Bless You,