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Do soma and roboxin have some of the same ingredients?

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balbanese 1 Oct 2014

No, although they were once considered interchangeable, then all the claims about SOMA were proven invalid by some "authority" on the subject and it is no longer prescribed as a muscle relaxant, in fact, it's very hard to get it prescribed for anything anymore.

kaismama 1 Oct 2014

Because it is now a controlled drug.

pamee 1 Oct 2014

I guess I'm fortunate to get it, because its the only muscle relaxer that helps me.

balbanese 1 Oct 2014

Beyond fortunate. Be sure not to vary from the instructions, stay on the best terms with your Dr, many will not write scripts for it anymore.

pamee 1 Oct 2014

For sure! I agree. I'm fortunate to have a good pain management Dr also. He doesn't care what it takes to try and help my pain, but unfortunate for me none seem to help a whole lot :(

balbanese 2 Oct 2014

Hopefully he won't get a "stop prescribing it or else" visit from the DEA, that's what they're doing a lot these days, and Drs shrink from the intimidation and stop, regardless of how good a patient it is. :(

balbanese 2 Oct 2014

nd m

pamee 12 Oct 2014

I see how the DEA intimidates Drs; however, I think my Dr may intimidate the DEA lol. I will say though to anyone wanting Soma and has a doc that will give it to rethink as it's a bad drug. I know through experience, but it is the only one that helps my muscles calm down even though its not much, a little is better than zero... enjoyed the conversation Billy! Good day to you!

balbanese 12 Oct 2014

Same here, I hope it stays that way for you! free discount card

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