I took Soma it has been a lifesaver for me .My healthcare provider took me off due to how dangerous it is ??? I'm not able to have much quality of Life without Soma the pain I suffer on a daily basis is unbearable! Now I spend all of my nights awake crying in pain at the hands of our screwed up government "guidelines" so that being said I'm supposed to just suffer in pain ? I have a great deal of pain because I'm having a huge flair up of Sciatica due to all my back issues . My Dr says she can't give me Anything ?? So Doctors are so afraid of prescribing pain meds or Soma we all that need this Medicine are left to suffer ?? My God I'm 60 years old and can't believe this is happening .
Just left to suffer what ever happened to the oath Doctors take DO NO HARM? What is going on in the US?