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What is the solution of emesis during pregnancy when not being stop with maxolon and gravinate?

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kaismama 28 Apr 2014

I used sips of Ginger ale made with real ginger root and nibbles of dry saltines. I know its miserable but there isn't allot you can do. Make sure you stay hydrated and if you can't keep liquid down see your dr. My daughter had to go in for iv fluids a few times while she was pregnant. Getting rid of the jerk who was the father of the child cured her hyperemesis lolo.

DzooBaby 28 Apr 2014

This can be a difficult thing for some women. Dont let yourself get hungry! I had nausea bad with my kids and I found if I kept a little something in my belly at all times I didnt get so sick. Dont go more than an hour without nibbling on something! If I let myself get hungry, I couldnt eat and would vomit. Ginger ale (get one that contains real ginger) or homemade ginger tea can help. Get fresh ginger root at the store and cut a few slices into a pan of water and boil until steeped then add a little sugar to taste. Peppermint and peppermint tea can help too.The best thing for me though was to not do the normal "3 meals a day" thing but to eat several small meals and snacks. It doesnt have to be a lot, just keep a little food in you at all times. Keep saltine crackers by your bed and nibble a few before you get up in the morning (mornings are often bad because we go a long time without eating when we sleep) If you cant keep fluids down then you will need to see the Dr and may need IV fluids. This should pass in time and get better as the pregnancy progresses. Sipping a little Gatorade or Powerade may help balance electrolytes. free discount card

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