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How to get off solotik ( zoloft)?

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kaismama 16 May 2014

Before you do that, why are trying to get off of it? It hasn't cured you. You have to wean off it, and some more slowly then others.

farahdenn 16 May 2014

It helped but im so weak at all times so side effects over run good effects i take 200mg daily... do i cut 50mg weekly?

Szynka 3 Jun 2014

Do not abruptly stop, this I can tell you!
You will go through living hell on earth!

I am trying to find a safe taper method.

Taking the drug I have bad side effects.
Discontinuing the drug I have even worse
side effects.

I am trapped between hell and purgatory.

If I only had only known the consequences
of starting this FDA approved dope (for me).

Szynka 3 Jun 2014

I neglected to mention that I am taking
100mg daily for moderate depression.
Reading comments from members,
most are started at 25-50mg. free discount card

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