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Can u get social-security disability for hep-c?

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Inactive 15 Apr 2012

Hello coopahdoop, & welcome to the site. That's a loaded question, because SSD is hard to get for anyone. If you are close to a retirement age it's easier, but the whole process is really long & hard. I have been on it for 22 years now, & was just moved to regular SS because of my age. It took me 2 years & appeals to get it & I have umpteen conditions where I should never have worked but did to raise my kids to adutlhood as a single mother. I haven't had hep c, but a liver problem that was similar. Really high enzymes that took tons of pain, & years to find the real cause, & a simple surgery fixed my problem. I don't know the rules about conditons, but all you can do is fill out the paperwork (or on internet or phone) & try. They usually deny you at first & then you have to appeal. You have to have a really good reason that you can't work. Mine was a mutitude of problems, but mainly my bones were crumbling, & the meds they had me on at the time wouldn't allow me to think right & interreact with the public in what I did for work. Plus being a real estate loan officer at a bank, I had to type a lot & the bones in my wrists kept breaking It was my doctor that told me I had to stop working & get on disability, It wasn't my first choice! Good luck to you, & hopefully someone on it for that condition will answer you too... Mary

Mbsunny54 24 May 2012

Hi Mary - saw your comments on disability which I have recently applied for and am waiting for a decision. I have been diagnosed with AIH and also have high liver enzymes. I am curious as to what surgery helped you resolve that. Thanks so much! Well wishes to you! ☀

Inactive 25 May 2012

My problem ended up being my common bile duct that releases the bile from the liver to the small intestine. It was in spasm all the time because the opening to the intestine was closed. They did a simple snip snip type of surgery thru an ERCP (a scope of sorts, similar to an endoscope) & all has been fine ever since. Liver enzymes came back to normal, & no more pain. Hope this helps someone else. I had my gallbladder removed because of this pain, & it wasn't what was causing it in the first place. It became much worse after the surgery. I was very ill for 8 years with it... Mary free discount card

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