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I have social anxiety. Is there anything I can take for this without it making me spaced out?

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Stephen Treloar 1 Sep 2017

Why not try cognitive behaviour therapy? Studies have shown it to be effective in about 60% of cases; about the same as a, possibly, less than ideal medication.

StarFire80 2 Sep 2017

I know what worked for me, and I was a lost cause. Meditation. Mindfullness. Art. Volunteering. And what I take is Bach's Pastilles Natural Stress Relief, CBDs (NOT hemp!!), and natural health remedies. Acupressure helped me avoid anxiety attacks, too. If you pinch (gently!) the webbing between your left hands forefinger and thumb with the right hands forefinger and thumb, this is a acupressure point to calm you within minutes. There's all kinds of free info on all these things I mention, and where I research, online. Don't try snake oil though! :) Really getting a grip on my head was the BIGGEST challenge and most rewarding. I have not suffered from an attack in over 5 years. Best of luck to you, you can do this! KIT <3

TrySmiling 4 Sep 2017

Propranolol is prescribed for social anxiety by many doctors. I took it and it helped a lot, but it caused me to gain weight so I am now trying L-Theanine and B6. So far this stack seems to work pretty well and the only side effect I have had was a bad headache one time. Whatever you do, please stay away from benzo's! Best of luck! free discount card

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