... social nxiety/phobia for yrs. but have been doing very well for yrs. with tx. and therapy. My "new normal" has been that I'm usually very outgoing, easily talking with people I know well or just meet in line at a cafe. But when I get depressed (I also have bipolar disorder) I turn inwards and my life seems to be tunneled. I get extremely anxious being around people. Even walking less then a half a block to get the mail, I keep my head and eyes down, praying i won't run into anyone. I'm currently NOT deppressed and have not been experiencing these feelings at all. BUT, I recently became friends with a guy on a fb, thru a very good mutual friend of ours. My very good friend suggested i become friends with this guy based on a common interest we have. So, this "new" friend of mine- we started messaging on fb, bout mutual interests. i was very comfortable and forthcoming/outgoing. Not an iota of a thought in my mind bout a "potential" boyfriend, at all. But now, we have talked on the phone once. A very good conversation bout 2-hrs. He's not trying to pick up on me at all, nor me him, but all of a sudden I'm so anxious and thinking bout him all the time. And just wanting to run away, stop contact, ugh blah. I know exactly why. Because I've been in a social vacuum for a longtime. A few periphery friends, but no social group where i live. all my friends live in another city. I've been in a social vacuum for a long time. Loner, homebody, etc. and enjoying that status at this particular time. I'm not lonely. So, since this person happens to be a guy I'm freaking out now that we had a really good phone conversation I feel scared, anxious, like he's better then me, ARRGHHH! I KNOW i'm making a mountain out of a molehill, very aware of that it's the ANXIETY thats making me feel so uncomfortable. I take clonipin among other meds. take my clonipin as prescribed always, CEPT today, took one prn, no biggee , blah, blah, blah..I'm sorry, not per se asking a question just venting my feelings hoping someon out there can empathize, has been in my shoes?