... then Paxil years ago..the Zoloft made me feel like I had drunk 3 pots of coffee..the Paxil spaced me out..though not as bad as the Zoloft. So I have been given trazodone, nefazodone, buspar... which seem to help anxiety..I had been on the Serzone a long time and felt it stopped working... my psych doc agreed and put me on Effexor..he said to work up to 2 75 mg caps a day over a week..On the third day I called him and told him this was causing agitation... he filled a script for 37.5 mg caps which I have been taking for 16 days..it helps a lot..but still leaves me shaky in the morning going to put off tonights dose... take it in the morning... My point is I do not feel Docs understand... he diagnosed me as having an anxiety disorder rather than depression..do not understand that sometimes less is more... does anyone take an ad for panic,general, and/or social anxiety and augment it with something to take the edge off..like buspar..which he does not like..but i thought it helped me in the past