I was diagnosed in July with panic disorder. My dr put me on Zoloft and said that I would be on it for 6-12 months. Well I was feeling MUCH better so I went to the doctor & told her I wanted to start weening off them. So I've been weening off and I went from 50 mgs to 25 mgs to 25 mgs every other day & now I'm on day 3 of no meds. Other than a slight headache I've had no other issues. My problem is I keep waiting for a panic attack to occur. My question is how long does it usually take to get out of your system? I know I can get panic attacks at anytime, however my doctor said that sometimes when you stop taking the medicine you can have even worse attacks in the beginning. I'm always waiting for the worst to happen. Am I only feeling ok because it's only day 3?