Yea and I also filed a harassement complaint and civil case through my insurance company against him because he reffered to me as a "girl" in the "letter" that he sent to my house and just told me plain flat out that he "REFUSED" to work with me because of excessive missed/canceled/rescheduled appointments.I filed complaints with my insurance company and they are now working on erasing the whole incident off my record and sending my files.To a doctor of my choice for privacy matters.Never had a SHRINK refuse to work with me just because I missed appointments.WTH kind of crap is this.O and the bad part.Is that 2 of them were family emergency's and 1 of them.I missed and rescheduled due to inclement weather.Now does that sound fair??The medications that he prescribed to me didn't even go through for 2 weeks after my Initial appointment.So basically the day I had to go back and see him was the day that.I just had received my medication.There for.I did not even start treatment.So I guess that I kind of felt that it was unessecesary to meet with him and just told him.That I would reschedule.I guess he didn't like that.Any questions,replys,comments or feedback would greatly be appreciated.