... have dealt with major depression due to loosing my mother in 2007 and my father loosing contact with me.
Well last night I was in the shower and I had a nervous break down crying and feeling really depressed, actually the last couple of months I have been depressed. And on top of it all I have been really irritable to my husband and we fight a lot, and I feel like being on Lexapro is making me worse not better. almost as if I don't need to be on this anymore and I don't want to be. I have gained tons of weight not happy worrying all the time so I decided to stop taking Lexapro last night.
Well I decided not to take my pill this morning and this whole day I felt horrible major headaches, angry dizzy and all I wanted to do was sleep. So I did my research and I guess cutting cold turkey wasn't the rite decision.
So rite now I just cut my pills in half to 5mg and I will take one rite now, but what sort of schedule should I do it. Go straight for a week on 5mg then next week every other day? that is what my doctor recomended to me last time I was on Celexea.
I guess I just want support and help and what to expect on these next few weeks. I hope to get better before May 6 as that's when my husband and I go on our honeymoon to Disneyland.
Please help thank you