I have seen same dr for sub for past 5 years. Intially went into detox, got clean and became dependent on th suboxone for the last 5 years. Dr had me on tapper plan and would see him religously every 3 months for check up and script renewal. I never had a problem with this dr, followed all orders and evne made appts even though clinic was 3 hour drive from my house!
This past month I was due to see him, dr wanted me to come into clinic for induced medical detox as my sub use was done to almost nothing. I never contacted dr or clinic and they have not made any atempts to contact me either. my dr knows i was not receptive to the medical detox nor tapper, he thinks im good to go. That my life is stable and relapse isnt an issue. I on other hand know that is not what my current situation is and getting off subs now is not a good idea. I have been still taking subs even though rx from this dr is long gone, (subs from a very understanding friend, i know its extremely illegal but so is buying on street).
I guess my question is should i bother calling this dr or should I find a new dr to try to get rx continued? And if i do see new doc do i have to disclose info anout old dr? What are thoughts regarding plan to see new dr? Any ideas or comments be greatly appricated. Please feel free to ask me any questions too.
To add to my mess I was just given a digns. of fibro too so now i am really stressed in addition to all my other lovely issues!!
Thanks for taking time to read my long question that is full of typo's! I have two kids age 2 and 4 that are not staying in there bed 2night!! thanks again this site has been a godsend... sorrya