Okay, I down graded my knee surgery from replacement to a scope. Huge difference, but I really wanted a look on the inside before I decide to do the replacdement on suboxone only. So, after surgery they gave me duladid, 2 mgs, and it of course did nothing (I'd been taking one mg of suboxone for a day for a week before the surgery. I ask for ice on my leg and then started getting a head ache, stomach pain and anxiety. They gave me something for the nausea which also made the anxiety go away. Due to the pain, I was very alert and they got me out of recovery quickly. Fortunately, I had some sub in my purse. The nurse ordered some from the pharmacy (the Dr/. prescribed up to 16mgs every 8 hrs as needed!) and then kindly looked the other way after suggesting that I just take one of my own. i have never taken 8 mgs at once before. I should have waited a while, but I was in so much pain, I took the second strip. By the time we got the medication from the pharmacy, well, I was feeling no pain, and feeling quite wonderful as well. I was dropped off at home and I promptly started putting together a wooden set of Walmart shelves and did the dishes. (yes, I now know about that energy rush problem that some people get). Fortunately, a good friend dropped by and got me to bed, with my leg propped up and put ice on it, and then made sure I stayed there. I took one strip at 5am the next morning as I was in pain (I WONDER WHY!!! ). But after that I have only used 2mgs, every 8-12 hrs with 800mg ipuprophen. tomorrow I hope to only need the Advil and start my weaning program again starting at a total of 2mg a day then less until I am off again. He gave me 25 strips. I hope I will not have to use it all as that is more than I used in almost all of last year! I am kind of scared about what will happen if I get the knee replaced, but one thing at a time! Any advice, or comments, chime in! Thanks, Harmony