three times a day, when my normal amount is 10 mg. How long before I become dependent on the 15 mg? Can I just go back to the 10 mg. without any problems? this is surgical pain, which my AH doc won't give me anymore meds for, but I have been able to put together enough for 15mg to last a few more weeks. By then I shouldn't need more, right? If you have fibro, chronic pain for over 17 years, surgeries hurt more, right? Or am I just a big wimp? I still can't drive because when my back hits the seat, I jump from the pain, so I sit in my recliner with lots of ice. Both docs told me that I had terrible muscle spasms around the incision in my spine, so I am on TWO muscle relaxers. BTW, can't take any NSAID's. I would bleed through my stomach if I did. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.