However I am curious, has anyone had a similar experience to this? When the pain first starts up my big toes both start to involuntarily wiggle slowly. It almost feels like small waves as they begin to move alternating from right to left, sometimes at the same time, pulsing as the pain increases. Before long the sharp stinging sensation starts up where it feels like little knives are being jammed and slowly twisted in the first joint of the big toes. This goes on for a while, soon it feels like a very tight elastic is wrapped around my toes and feet. Not an ordinary rubber band more like those thick black rubber ties with the hooks on the end, you know the ones used to secure furniture in the back of a truck. The band gets extremely tight and by morning the pain wakes you from a dead sleep and it takes extra medication to get the pain at bay so you can get out of bed for the morning trip to the bathroom. Sorry if this rambled on but I am curious if anyone has experienced anything similar, thanks - Erik.