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SMZ-TMP DS - can this drug make you nauseous and upset your digestive system with pain?

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DzooBaby 20 Jan 2012

Yes, this drug is a generic form of an antibiotic with the brand name of Septra DS which is a sulfonomide antibiotic or what people refer to as a "sulfa drug" Most any antibiotic can upset intestinal balance. The digestive system is balanced by good and bad bacterias. The good bacteria keep the bad bacteria in check. Sometimes antibiotics can upset this balance and this can cause symptoms like nausea, stomach discomfort, gas and diarrhea. These symptoms will eventually get better after the antibiotic course is finished. It often helps to take probiotics along with an antibiotic to help offset these symptoms if they are very troublesome. A probiotic helps restore the balance of good bacteria. Some people find that the lactobacillus in yogurt is enough to help and by eating a small serving of yogurt once or twice a day helps alleviate symptoms. Others find they need something a little stronger and a probiotic supplement like Culturelle or acidophillus supplements is needed. You can find Culturelle and sometimes acidophillus over the counter in most drug stores and can find both in health food stores. Whatever you do, do not discontinue the antibiotic without the approval of your Dr. Not finishing a full course of antibiotics can cause bacteria to become antibiotic resistant. free discount card

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