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Can smoking [legal bud, aka herbal therapy or Kush] cause an aneurysm?

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Anonymous 7 May 2012

Hello tabby2012mm. I am only going to guess, (I am no doctor) but would say, I doubt it for I cannot see a reason why, what would cause a aneurysm from smoking. Best wishes, pledge

SoMuchPain 8 May 2012

Causes of Aneurysm

It is not clear exactly what causes aneurysms. Some aneurysms are present at birth (congenital). Defects in some of the parts of the artery wall may be responsible.
cigarette smoking may raise your risk of certain types of aneurysms. High blood pressure is thought to play a role in abdominal aortic aneurysms. Atherosclerotic disease (cholesterol buildup in arteries) may also lead to the formation of some aneurysms.
But I do not leave M.J has any proven harmful qualities.
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