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Smoking Cessation - How have people tried to stop smoking? What is/was helpful? What is not helpful?

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Marvell 5 Oct 2009

Please see link below, it has medicines used to help smoking cessation and some medicines have reviews, which you can read by clicking on it.

Hope you find it useful.

MyraMcFarland 31 Oct 2009

Every person is different, and every person willl respond differently to various programs, OTC aids and medicines. I'm nearly free of cigarettes. I believe I will always think of myself as a smoker (but taking a tip from AA), I'm learning to identify myself as a smoken who chooses (or not) to smoke today. Transfrorming smoking from a habit to a choice can be hard work, but rewarding. In the past six months I've tried: stop-smoking workshop led by a mental health pro (the structure of the program and guilt-lessening stories of the struggles of other participants were very helpful in changing attitudes, if not stopping the cigs.

pbandami 6 Sep 2012

First, I'll start with the Rx medication that finally got me to kick that terrible habit/addiction: Nicotrol Nasal Spray. It is pure liquid nicotine that I spray up each nostril, about once an hour. The first time I did a puff, I thought I would faint, and at first it really stung my nose, but that quickly dissipated in a few short days. I have not smoked a single time - or even had a craving for a cigarette - since I started Nicotrol NS.
Now for the unsuccessful medications:
Topamax;Chantix (evil drug, for me at least);Zyban; Nicorette Gum and Inhaler; and, Commit. That is one long list to get to the right smoking cessation medications. Good luck. Philip free discount card

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