.my Vyvanse is 50mg. I was on 70 and the doctor who seen me said that was way to high took me all the way down to 50mg. I am 44. Bless her heart. Make sure you talk to your pharmacist, and do research on your about medication so you can ask your Doctors about any concerns you have about any of those types of drugs. Pharmacist no all about drugs they even can tell what drug doesn't mix with what. This is what they went to school for all about what drugs are and what they do. I am not a medical professional, but I am a mother. Do your own research ask a lot of questions always, always get a second opinion when it comes to something dealing with the development of your child's mind. These types of drugs are very strong and can do serous damage if not careful. You have a right as a mother to ask as many questions as you want when it comes to your child's health