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What is a small round white pill with a star on both sides about the size of a baby aspirn?

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suechef319 16 Feb 2012

I don't know off-hand, but if you go to the top of this page, click on "Pill Identifier". You'll be asked to enter the imprint on the pill, the color, and the shape. You should get your reply within seconds. Hope it's helpful!

DzooBaby 17 Feb 2012

Medications manufactured in the US should have idenifying numbers or letters. Being that this one only has a star on both sides leads me to believe that it is either foreign manufactured or it could be a supplement or possible even an illicit drug like Exstacy or MDMA or it could even be candy. Sometimes illicit drug just have little pictures or symbols on them and look to be poorly manufactured pills. You might be able to have a pharmacist identify it and he might know if it is an illicit drug. I would just dispose of it if I were you. Liquify it in a bit of water and pour it into some used coffee grounds or kitty litter and put it in a closed container like a coffee can or milk jug with the lid and throw it in the trash. If you have teens in your household and you found it around the house you might want to have a little discussion with them.

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