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What is this pill - small round white Mallinckrodt with '30' imprint?

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Inactive 19 May 2012

Does it have the full manufacture's name "Mallinckrodt" on the pill or just an "M" with the 30?

flyersfan 21 May 2012

Just the "M" and the 30.

Inactive 21 May 2012

Is it white or very pale blue? They sort of look alike, if it's more a pale blue it could be oxycodone 30mg. Are there any other identifying marks? Like lines or other imprints?

flyersfan 22 May 2012

Hmm... it could be blue - it looks VERY white. It has a line across the same side as the 30, and then an "M" in a square on the other side

Inactive 22 May 2012

I'm not 100% sure but it's probably oxycodone 30mg, another name is Roxicodone. It's very pale blue but does look white & the markings you described are exactly what I'm seeing for this pill. Kim.

flyersfan 22 May 2012

I think you're correct. Thank you very much for your help!

Inactive 22 May 2012

You're very welcome. Kim. free discount card

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