... and the vitreomacular adhesion was completely released.
The photo of my retina looked almost normal. I was elated. I do have "some" subretinal edema. My surgeon would not give me an opinion as to whether this edema would resorb. Has anyone had this experience? My vision in the affected eye is dim and blurry overall. They grey circle is gone. Both of these effects seem to be improving.

I was able to tolerate the 4-day swirling imagery in both eyes by putting a bandana over my affected eye. I was then able to have less imagery in my unaffected eye. This was not recommended by my physician, but it certainly helped me. My rationale was that my brain was getting mixed up because it was used to binocular vision; so what I saw in my left eye was interpreted as also present in my right eye. I am just sharing my experience, not making a recommendation.

Please, if anyone has had experience with sub-retinal edema, I would really appreciate a response. Thanks to all of you. I was scared about the amazing imagery post injection, and your comments were very assuring