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My small k56 10mg oxycodone pills dissolve very quickly in water, is this correct ?

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Windchimes123 27 May 2017

Hi German,
I guess it would dissolve in water.
Why do you want to dissolve it? It's not the prescribed way of using it.

JodeeGyrl 28 Feb 2018

I have to dissolve mine to put in my feeding tube since I have neck & throat cancer & can't swallow pills. So it's not necessarily a way of abusing them by dissolving.

Windchimes123 28 Feb 2018

Hi Jodee,
First, I’m sorry you are going through this painful time.
Are you getting adequate pain control?
Many people in your situation are treated with the Fentanyl patch.
I just wanted to throw that out there if you need more options.
It’s not the extended release. Right?
I just had my feeding tube removed last week because I had an infection around the tube. I also was eating enough so out it came.
Is it a new tube for you?
I went through blockage, etc.
I want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. I’m a nurse and knew better but I was tired and didn’t crush well enough.
Just to review this for you and other people who may be interested :
1) Stop the feeding and flush the tube with at least 30ml of water.
2) In the case of multiple medications-
Give at least 15ml of water after each pill. The rationale for this is to avoid drug interactions.

masso 27 May 2017

Yes it would.-

Windchimes123 28 May 2017

Thanks, Masso.
I was worried about too much of a dose & then losing its 4 hour duration.
Thanks for setting me right.

masso 28 May 2017

I didn´t set you right, you are spectacular at answering questions.-)

Windchimes123 28 May 2017

Thank you, Masso

masso 28 May 2017

You are most welcome:-} free discount card

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