... all the prayers, doctors etc... she had a complete response to her chemo & radiation in 2009 and she was very blessed to have lived almost 3 years with no problems. however in December 2011 this terrible stuff came back :( she is now recieving the exact same chemo that she did so well with in 2009 but after her second treatment session she began having different pain. after the cat scan to see what was going on her dr informed us that it had spread to both lungs, lymph nodes, liver and her bones. She has been getting the bone shot after her chemo sessions but within the past 2 weeks she has had severe personality changes and isnt acting herself... she also has been vomiting 3 or more times everyday for the past 4 days? help me please in trying to figure out whats going on... oh and yesterday her blood count was way off... this has never happened to her since she was first diagnosed