Im a Medical Oddity Just tossing that out there. While I was pregnant with my son I ended up getting these itchy bumps on the sole of my left foot ONLY. They stayed there I was also Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and Had a DVT in that same Leg with the bumps. I had my son the DVT is gone But the Bumps remain. they Itch like Hell get bigger as time goes on. I know what ur guna say its from the Diabetes... Nope Im Diabetes Free now. The issue is these bumps Grow I cant walk it hurts to bad. They Itch and no matter what i put on it they dont go away untill either I or The ER drains it. Last time it was drained there was so much liquid the Pad they put under my foot wasnt enough it soaked thru to the sheets. I felt the Rush of liquid and for once my foot felt better they put me on antibiotics. Well My son is 2 now and the bumps still happen its Monthly once they go away they stay gone for a bit then POOF they are back again. Only this time it feels different The last 20+ times they popped up they stayed on the Bottom of the foot now... they are on the bottom and the side of it... No it hasnt spread to hands I touch the foot alot even when the Boils Weep still none on the hands as of yet... Zero Bumps Any where else... the bumps are White See thru Some are under the skin My foot swells while I have this. When I put Benadryl or Cortisone on it the whole area Burns and hurts then itches like 5 minutes later. Im goin to see a Derm Doc on the 4th but Id like to see what you guys think. I do have pics of it. The Liquid in the Bumps are Clear See thru aswell Ty all