I am reducing Effexor very slowly ( for that seems to be the consensus here and i concur . ) for i tried just listening to my health professional of reducing this drug at a rate I am assuming he read in some book? Wrong ! . In three days ( about a year ago ..that's when i stopped listening to his " wisdom " ). He dropped me 37.5 mg . On day four . Im in the hospital in a most unpleasant state of existence ; to say the least . So i then found this site and another plus research to assist me . For i fully believe every problem has a solution . You just may not like the solution. In my case the solution was having to slowly reduce this demon drug .
I am 140 mg from 300mg . That has taken a year !!! So basically i am looking at another year . ( thank you to those for guiding me ).
My prolonged question is ?
Why am i feeling worse as i reduce . ? Would no t common logic dictate/ research lean towards me feeling better as I slowly reduce . And i guess my second question is ... is there permanent damage to my body / mind .brain . I am looking for the truth but only find conflicting evidence where ever i turn. Ex. One health professional i trust indicates there maybe . While the psychiatrist emphatically denies it. Research is conflicting .
I know we are all different . But i am still striving for my positive ending of being rid of this ..hell. ( sorry. I know no other word for it ).
So . Since i fully believe all of you ( obviously not my psychiatrist ). And all of you kind souls have reassured me slow is the key Oh. 300 mg of Effexor for 1year and a bit. Plus 6 years of other antidepressants. Not at such a high dosage .
What is the consensus on permanent damage . ? Plus i continually welcome positive words of advice or success stories . ( yes . I am prepared for the truth on the consensus of perm damage question i have asked . I would rather know the truth and be prepared . I had a ct scan . It was clear .
Thank you.
I look fwd to your response .