For at least a couple of years, I've been noticing tiny pin-prick like red dots on the insides of my upper arms. At 1st I thought that they were possibly the beginnings of new moles or freckles, until they started multiplying rapidly all up & down both arms, as well as my thighs & my torso, although a few on my torso look more like raised blood blisters rather than tiny, flat, blood red specks. Honestly, I might have never noticed the sudden increase in the appearance of these spots had it not been for additional symptoms that began somewhere between 6-12 months ago, worsening about 2 months ago. The earliest of the new symptoms began as excessively bleeding gums, regardless of oral hygiene... I wake up EVERY single morning with a mouthful of blood, both old & new blood.. Many times throughout the day, I notice the taste of blood, often leading to an abnormally heavy bleed that lasts much longer than I've ever experienced. Not long after this, I discovered that minor cuts took a lot longer to stop bleeding than usual, & once, after having my blood drawn, I was still bleeding quite heavily even 10 hours after removing the band that was supposed to stop the bleeding shortly after having my blood drawn.
My blood test results only showed low hematocrit & low protein, which led to 0 answers, not even an idea as to which direction to look.
Due to frequent night sweats, headaches, chronic back pain, & both chronic & recent infections, I've been referred to the hematology/oncology department at a hospital widely known in my state as a hospital that is typically referred for chronic cancer patients, especially leukemia.
Could this actually be leukemia?
I'm getting so many different answers online.