My Dr though I had polycystic ovary syndrome based on my adult acne (I'm 27). Blood test came back with everything normal except my cortisol level was slightly high. I can't remember what the numbers where but it wasn't above the normal level my very much. She said it may be cushings disease/ sydrome but other then my acne and the cortisol level being slightly high I have no other symptoms. In 6 weeks time I am having another blood test and having an ultrasound to check my kidneys.

I was on the pill (qlaira) but have stopped taking it now as my Dr said that could be affecting my levels so she told me to stop it and go back in 6 weeks to be tested for cushings. I tried to find info on this on the net but couldn't find anything. When I went to have the test I fasted for 10hrs and had the test around 3pm but the nurse said I should have come in the morning to have the test done as they prefer to test the cortisol levels in the morning. The only reason I went in the afternoon was that I have a tendency to faint after a test and the only time someone could take me was in the afternoon.

Until 2 weeks ago my diet wasn't the best but now I am eating healthy and drinking a lot more water, I drank an unhealthy amount of diet coke (around 2L a day) for at least 10 years. I have cut right back to drinking a max of 600ml a day if at all.

I am currently under a fair bit of stress (usually I'm not a stresser) but I'm unemployed and searching for a job so I'm stressed about not having a job and trying to find one and going crazy by being at home and not going to work. I am also organising a wedding and I am stressed about that as well. I also have a HUGE needle phobia and I was stressed about having the test done for over 36hrs and had my self worked up about it.

Basically my questions are
1. what's the odds of me having cushings?
2. could the pill affected my levels?
3. could my past of an unhealthy lifestyle still be clearing out of my system and affecting my levels?
4. could the fact that I'm just stressed affected my levels?
5. when is the best time to get my levels checked? I have been reading and they say you should get 2 tests done in the same day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon but my dr only gave me paper work for one.

Any help would be great, I'm also a huge stresser when it comes to me possibly being sick so waiting these 6 weeks with all these questions is going to stress me out more.