Hi !
I am prescribed a 7 day dose of Flagyl, twice a day of 500 mg .
It's day 3 , and I started noticing that I am getting mild tingling/sharp pains in my left leg .
I know Flagyl can lead to nerve damage ! Anyone else experience this ? I only have 4 days left to go , but can't talk to the clinic until Monday . I was going to call a pharmacist first thing in the morning to see what they say .

Should I continue the dose since I have 4 days left , or should I just discontinue the dose ? I hear people who suffered from serious nerve damage from Flagyl had to take quite a lot of it , or their tingling/pains went away after the dose wore off ..

So I don't know whether I just need to stick it out , and finish the dose , or immediately stop taking it . My next dose is in 6 hours .

Thank you !