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Why am I so sleepy during the day and can't sleep at night? on clonazepam?

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Delila 1 Aug 2014

Hi, how long have you been taking the medication? It can take a little while to take effect with some people... If you aren't sleeping during the night, then naturally, you will feel tired during the day. Try your very best not to nap during the day despite how tired you are, as you need to develop a good sleep pattern. Are you using a sleep hygiene guide?

valentine1979 6 Aug 2014

one week and i can't nap during the day because i work. here i am wide awake.I plan on talking to my doctor. he wants to see me in 2 months. What is a sleep hygiene guide?

Delila 6 Aug 2014

Hi, 1 week is usually long enough to adjust to the new medication and for it to help you sleep during the night... Good sleep hygiene guides are natural remedies for creating a serene & peaceful sleep environment, and for preparing for sleep in the correct way. If you search 'good sleep hygiene guide', a good site is '', it's worth printing out a copy

Kitty 1 Aug 2014

When are you taking the clonazepam? I take one a day before bed time
helps me sleep, so I can understand why you are tired. As always, let your
doctor know what's going on.

valentine1979 6 Aug 2014

I take it once a day in the morning so i can function at work with out having an attack.

valentine1979 9 Aug 2014

what about alcohol with clonazepam

Kitty 9 Aug 2014

Have you tried taking it at night before going to bed? I don't drink alcohol
with it. free discount card

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