I have been having trouble getting to sleep for most of my life. It got worse a couple years ago. I was given trazodone which helped a bit. Then my doctor suggested I go on I try Lexapro for GAD type symptoms/excessive worry. I put it off for awhile but then eventually gave in to try it.

3 weeks ago i started Lexapro at 2.5 mg. I’ve been on 10 mg the last 1.5 weeks. Since starting, I’ve been waking up 2-4 hours before my alarm unable to get back to sleep unless I take a trazodone (which makes me groggy the next day). About the last month before starting the Lexapro { was waking too early occasionally. ... no more than a few days straight though.

Do you think my recent trouble with waking up too early has been worsened by Lexapro? Should this resolve eventually? How long should i give it?