so far these past 7 days going on 8 I've literally had no sleep what so ever, not even 5 minutes or 2 hours, I'm literally not tired at all. I'm beginning to have mood swings and I'm starting to see things, sleeping pills don't work they just make me feel awful, antidepressants probably wouldn;t do anything either. doctors can;t understand why I'm not able to sleep at all. I have heard about Sporadic fatal insomnia and honestly I know I have it, don't tell me that I don't have it because otherwise I wouldn't be going a week without sleep at all, Somnapure is a sleep aid that also doesn't help me sleep. I've tried herbal remedies none of them work, staying up for 24 hours didn't help me sleep either nor did relaxing or going out for exorcise, I cut down on caffeine ages ago and that's not keeping me awake, I've even tried putting my phone in airplane mode that also didn't make me sleep either. I've hit a new low and Im no longer my old happy self, This insomnia is basically changing me and ruining my life and I'm snapping at people. I feel alone and upset.