I have been having sleep problems for years. I have tried nearly every single medications for sleep. I stay up from anywhere from 24 to nearly 40 hours with no sleep at all or a minimal of 2-3 hours. And when I am up I am not really tired at all. I have tried exercising daily sometimes and that doesn't make a difference. I have tried cutting out/down caffeine, changing my sleep patterns, tea, medication over the counter/RX, reading, listening to music, watching tv, hot shower I littarlly have tried everything. I have been diagnosed with Borederline Personality Disorder, Possible ADHD(not diagnosed yet) Mood Disorder NOS(debating between bi-polar 2 and depression) PTSD. I am currently taking the current medications: Ritalin 5mg once a day AM, Lexapro 10 mg once a day PM, Vitamin d 3,000 IU once a day AM, Synthroid 25 mcg one daily AM, Tegretol 200 mg once a day PM (sorry about my spelling) Does anyone have ANY ideas of what I/ my doctor could do/try?